Best 7 Personal Safety Apps For Women [Android]

Safety Apps For Women

Safety Apps For Women: Currently, women tend to be more empowered than ever before. But accidents still happen and crimes continue to be committed against women. So as many other activities are now being handled through mobiles, then why don’t you women security.

Within this publish we’ve listed the best personal safety Android apps for ladies. From SOS alerts and emergency contacts to location discussions and community advice, these Safety Apps For Women offer features to provide women the safety they require. So, check out their email list to determine what one fits into your budget.

Safety Apps For Women


Noonlight is a unique Safety Apps For Women that allows you to cope with potential threats in addition to actual threats. It really works in 2 ways – first of all, technology-not only when you are unsure whether or not to call 911 or otherwise. Next, technology-not is only when you are really in danger and with assistance from government bodies.

Just press and contain the button in your Android phone when you are in an uneasy situation and release it just whenever you feel real trouble. When you are really at risk just press the button and also the local police are going to be notified of the location. You may also call or text to find help.

Safety Apps For Women


SHEROES is definitely an application solely for ladies slot terbaru. Women may use would be to socialize, find jobs, seek women’s health advice, get beauty and health tips, not to mention, apply it safety and reporting.

You are able to talk about your individual and family issues within the application community and report domestic abuse from husbands or boyfriends. In a nutshell, you are able to seek expert advice for any field associated with women.

SOS Alert

SOS Alert is definitely an emergency Android application that allows you to achieve your emergency contacts when you are facing a harmful situation and informs them regarding your location.

It features a quite simple interface so anybody can certainly utilize it and serves no ads. You are able to send an aiding signal to your emergency contacts with only one tap or perhaps send pre-stored SOS messages.

Microsoft Family Safety

This can be a digital and physical Safety Apps For Women that actually works for the entire family. Microsoft Family Safety Application enables you to definitely monitor your child’s online activities and hang parental controls to maintain your children protected from threats from the digital world.

You may also track your loved ones, a place to always know where they’re going as well as get insights into your family’s driving. The place discussion works even without a web connection.

Personal Safety

A security application for Pixel phones, Personal Safety allows you to keep in touch together with your emergency contacts and first responders. By using it you are able to share your real-time location and hang a period inside your phone then the emergency discussion instantly starts.


With the Guardian app, you are able to invite your buddies and family to become your guardians to allow them to be notified in a situation you face an urgent situation. The Gps navigation location that you simply share might be seen by only your guardians.

You may also set ‘forever sharing’ so that your guardians will invariably know where you stand. They may also be notified regarding your phone’s battery existence, network strength along with other information vital for safety.

Women Safety

Because the name states, the Women Safety app informs all your family members in a situation you’re in a troubling situation. The application is fast and easy and may send an email to your emergency contacts together with your location and a pair of pictures and/or perhaps a video or audio message.

You are able to tap eco-friendly, orange, and red buttons to tell your emergency contacts about whether you’re safe, inside a careful situation, or perhaps in some real danger correspondingly.